Jesse Zane

Tracey, you have saved my life. You have saved my soul, you have brought me to a place I have strong faith in. I’m forever grateful . You are simply one of God’s miracles
and an angel on earth. You have given me such a mindset to face the hardest period of my entire life. Before knowing you and talking to you I cannot even begin to explain the
darkness, and complete devastation my soul was goin through. When I’m complete and healed I will have you and many others to be forever grateful in my heart. You have been
absolutely amazing and may a billion blessings come your way simply for being who you are. You literally saved my soul . God bless you. Peace and love Jesse Zane Nashville,Portland, Oregon Distance Session

Let me tell you the fact. I was in complete devastation emotionally for 4 months. empty inside , scared, alone , crying hysterically everyday.
hopeless , lifeless, gloom. after one session. I became the high energy good vibed soul that nobody has seen in months. I still know my divorce is going on but the constant sorrow and
thinking of my wife disappeared. when the thought of her pops in my head I remove it immediately where as before I would dwell on it and cry for hours. Tracy is AMAZING.
HONESTLY the best experience I’ve ever had in my entire lifetime. no lie. thanks to her healing I know I can focus on doors of opportunity coming . simply amazing. I will continue to
use her services as much as possible. she very much saved my life and my soul. period.