Luanne Horne

Last year, I took Tracey up on her offer to see me. The day we were
supposed to facetime, I was down in the bed, crying, at a very low point.
So I didn’t want to take the appointment. Tracey encouraged me to keep
it! I did! She let me pour my heart out. She did her energy work from a
distance and I received a deep inner healing. She is wise and talented in
her craft. I was off and running after that! I am now working on being an
energy healer myself! I feel good. Past things not plaguing me anymore. I
had a down day just recently and Tracey called. She has such great
intuition. Again she bolstered me. Feeling awesome again! Make an
appointment with her you won’t be disappointed.

In-Person and Virtual
Distance Healing

Moosup, CT