Virginia S, 20yrs old

I’m so grateful to have found Tracey. Before I met her I was in a terrible spot
in my life, my mother and I weren’t in the best of places we really didn’t talk
that much. Then I had a few session with Access Consciousness my
relationship with my mother and the rest of my family has changed. We are
all closer than ever and I’m extremely grateful for that. Not only have my
relationships gotten better, but I’ve been motivated to get my life in order,
and learn things that I didn’t expect I’d ever pick in my lifetime. Right now I’m
learning Japanese, drawing more then I ever have (I haven’t picked up a
sketchpad in almost a year), I even painted my room all by myself, and have
gotten my life more organized. I don’t think I’ve felt this good in my life since I
was in Elementary School. Tracey is the best person to go to if your tired of
feeling stuck and finally want to be the authentic you.
Virginia S, 20yrs old