Tracey’s Holistic Modalities

Tracey's Holistic Modalities

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Infrared Sauna With Color Therapy

Infrared Sauna
Detoxification, relief from sore muscles. Relief from joint discomfort such as arthritis, Lyme, clear and tighter skin. Cellulite reduction, weight loss, circulation, better sleep, relaxation, focus, help for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, gets rid of heavy metals and pesticide residues, helps with ADHD, and so much more!

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Bemer Therapy

BEMER Therapy is an FDA Class 1 medical device approved by the FDA for general enhanced circulation/blood flow, enhanced nutrient supply, and waste disposal, heightened cardiac function, enhanced physical fitness, endurance, strength, and energy level, boosted concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction, and relaxation.


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The AWAKENDmind Headset powered by BrainTap

The AWAKENDmind Headset powered by BrainTap delivers a relaxing experience that combines gentle light and sound therapy delivered to the ears and the eyes. This signaling allows you to reach optimum brainwave states that upgrade your brain for enhanced energy, improved metabolic health, deeper sleep, reduced stress, and more!

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OPUS SoundBed vibroacoustic bed relieves stress and tension in as few as 7 minutes

Relieve stress in minutes: Had a stressful day? Alleviate the tension by listening to this bed’s meditations, music, and frequencies. It works in as few as 7 minutes.

Choose from 7 channels: In fact, you can choose from 7 vibration sound channels from head to toe.

Relax with breathwork: What’s more, the OPUS SoundBed guides breathwork, meditation, and more.

Target specific areas of the body: Then, this therapy bed covers you in sensations and can even focus on a particular area like the shoulders or lower back.

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