For the past 5 years my life has been dismal emotionally, physically,
financially, personally, and Spiritually.
Thank God for Tracey coming onto my life for it has completely since
having 2 Bars and 3 Bermer sessions with her
Working with Tracey has enabled me to release past patterns, becoming
aware of what I am doing that is holding me back, while releasing and
forgiving those whom I allowed to effect my belief system and my truth.
During our 1st Bar session I watched as darkness left my being and filled
the void created with light. I have now gainful employment. As a result of
the “The Bars” (Access Consciousness) and Bemer Therapy treatment my
diabetes has now become more manageable and I’m sleeping through the
I highly recommend having a “The Bars” and Bemer sessions with Tracey
to regain a happy balanced life which is spiritual, fruitful, and back on tract!
I am in awe on how with in 2 months of working with Tracey how my life is
mine again and I’m looking into being a productive healthy and happy
Tracey’s insight and knowledge has given me my life back I thank you for
Joanne F.