Irrix Screen

Attention, guilty, giving, laws of attraction, receiving; Tracey. Change comes in the form of understanding, what that means internally, is personal to each individual. Tracy walked me through the dark of my negative vibrations, and into the light of my healing. Three hours with Tracey and the reverberating detoxification, and I am with new sight, new energy, new expectations, and new solutions to my self-healing. My daily mantra’s now have become second nature: Are you ready to let go of negative energy, negative stress, and negative vibes? My response without hesitation is yes! Ask yourself what would it take, are you ready to receive greatness? Unequivocally yes! I am an empath, I am a healer, and I am a firm believer in Tracy, and her amazing energy to repair the soul of anyone she encounters. With my deepest gratitude and an open heart! Thank you, Tracey!!!! Thank you for removing me from the background of myself.

With my deepest love, and sincerity,